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National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Insects and SpidersMilne, Lorus JohnsonBookRef 595.7
The Secret Life of AnimalsPioneering Discoveries in Animal BehaviorMilne, Lorus JohnsonBookOversize 591.5
The Animal in ManMilne, Lorus JohnsonBook156
The Cougar Doesn't Live Here Any MoreMilne, Lorus JohnsonBook591.042
Patterns of SurvivalMilne, Lorus JohnsonBook575.3
Water and LifeMilne, Lorus JohnsonBook628.1
The ValleyMeadow, Grove, and StreamMilne, Lorus JohnsonBook570.9742
The Balance of NatureMilne, Lorus JohnsonBook591.5
Paths Across the EarthMilne, Lorus JohnsonBook591.52
The Mating InstinctMilne, Lorus JohnsonBook591.56
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