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gmrv4 made a comment Mar 25 2019
"Humanity has made great strides since the time of The Enlightenment. Fact based analysis and the scientific method were some of the basic tenets of this era. Now we find ourselves living in a world where facts don't matter. Jordan Peterson is maki..." Permalink
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Mar 20 2019
"Brilliant work by one of our centuries clearest thinkers and scientists. However, it is a challenging read as many of the comments indicate. Peterson's ideas challenge many of the core beliefs of the 21st Century and for those immersed in the ..." Permalink
gmrv4 added a title to their For later shelf Feb 19 2019
Cardboard Gods is the memoir of Josh Wilker, a brilliant writer who has marked the stages of his life through the baseball cards he collected as a child. It also captures the experience of growing up obsessed with baseball cards and explores what...
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