Samantha An American Girl Holiday DVD - 2010 | Deluxe ed.

This film is absolutely spectacular! I watched it with my sister mainly because we were such fans of the American Girl dolls and books growing up, but I wasn't expecting anything quite so thought-provoking, emotional, or heartwarming. The plot follows Samantha, a young girl in 1904 whose parents have died. She lives with her grandmother in Mount Bedford, and later with her aunt and uncle in New York City. Throughout the film we experience the realities of the time. We catch a glimpse of the suffragette movement, child labor, factory work, and orphanages. I really liked that the film didn't sugarcoat these things, but also didn't linger on them in a way that would be scarring to children. I highly recommend the film to children and adults interested in historical fiction, political movements, social justice, and the value of friendship. Samantha is a wonderful role model for young girls and boys everywhere.

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