I don't know about a lot of folks, but I am impressed that the OPL has 66 copies of this book to lend out and on this date (20/4/19) there are 740 people waiting to read it. That doesn't include those waiting for it in its online version. [As an aside in case anyone at the OPL reads these comments - many of us 'ordinary folk' still like to READ a real book printed on paper!!] This says something about the book.

I usually do not read books of this nature. I was raised in a catholic household so I thought I knew most of what might be in this book. While I do, I really like this book for at this stage of my life I am often wondering just where does mankind come from? Why have we evolved to become humans and not simply remained animals like all the rest? This book has provided some good insight in to evolutionary biology which I can now appreciate.

I have liked Jordan Peterson for his common sense, down-to-earth approach to things. I can follow what he says - which is not the case of ever so many 'intellectuals' who try to impress with their vocabulary. This book is written for folks like me. I find it slow going - because there is so much to ponder. I do not think it is so much about 'critical thinking' as it is about why we are the way we are today. I, like everyone else, know that it is because of our history and what came before us. This book helped enlighten me in a big way.

I despair when I think of what 'education' is today. I would like to see the Toronto folk try a new experiment in education in senior high school using this book as subject matter. We might just see some better future citizens if this came about.

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