Take a screenshot of this review as it appears the library is restricting **my freedom of speech**.

I reviewed this book a few weeks ago and now that review has been deleted. Unfortunately, I did not expect this and so it'll be difficult to recreate it from scratch. Here's what I remember saying:

- This is neither a good or bad book. It's simply made for specific people. You can compare this to cars. Telsa's are great cars if you like knowing you're saving the environment and you like high tech things. Telsa's are horrible cars if you enjoy the experience of a mechanical engines and don't care trivial tech details. It just depends who's at the wheel. It just depends on who's reading the book.

- This is a negative book. It focuses on what's wrong with the world and overall is just not that uplifting. As with my first point, this is neither a good or bad thing. The degree to which you'll profit from this will depend on where you are in life and what your beliefs about the world are.

If you like Jordan Peterson's free YouTube lectures, you will both enjoy and profit from this book. If you don't, it's a waste of time and it's not going to do anything for you. There are a million other self help books out there that can have an equal or greater positive impact on your life. You're not missing out if you don't read this book or you find it's of no help to you.

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