Lost in Space
Lost in Space The Complete First Season DVD - 2019

Highly disappointing.
The show from the 1950s & 1960s was full of fluff and silliness, but better, totally better.
The only character somewhat interesting is Dr. Smith and the doctor is a psychopath.
Every main character, including the psychopath, are morally bankrupt.
All characters have stupid hidden agendas that needlessly puts others at risk.
They only work together to lie about or hide something; work poorly together on the open stated agenda of survival.
This is not good for children because of the moral bankruptcy, not good for sci-fi geeks because poor or no scientific concepts and not good for story adventurist because character draw no empathy or sympathy.
The special effects are good, the scenery and cinematography is beautiful.
Retired, with little to do, and still considered this a colossal waste of time.

J7R7's rating:
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