Enchanting. Atmospheric. Mysterious. Lush. Gritty. Suspenseful. There are so many good words I can think of to describe the beguiling collection of words that is this book. Dark. Mature. Sensual.

The narration weaves together three distinct voices, teen girls who take turns telling their stories of the people they encounter and the odd events that occur after they whimsically, drunkenly cast a spell of finding from a curious book they stumble upon in the woods. Some of the occurrences are explainable. Some aren't. Not even as dreams and hallucinations. The line between magic and reality has become blurred. And both--magic and reality--are an intoxicating mix of love, danger, heartache, growth, and connection. Surprising, unexpected connection.

Through it all, underneath the misty ambience, this is a coming-of-age tale. Of young people growing into adult experiences. Of finding who they are in response to unexpected ordeals. Because if you don't get lost, you'll never be found.

Reading this spellbook is a thrillingly murky and satisfyingly complex enthrallment.

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