V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta DVD - 2006 | Widescreen ed.

C'mon, darlings - There's gotta be 2 versions of this film. Right? There's the pathetically dismal version that I saw. And then there's that other "wow!" version that so many others have raved about.

I mean, this film having 2 distinctly different versions is the only acceptable reason that I can think of to explain why there's such a divided opinion over this picture. Some people (like me) saw the crap version - While others enjoyed the thrill of viewing the dynamite version. What else could it be?

Anyway - I wasn't in the least bit impressed with Natalie Portman as Evey. The minute that she had her head shaved I suspected that she was desperately wanting us to perceive her as being some sort of modern-day "Joan of Arc", or something to that effect.

But - Let's face it, darlings - Natalie Portman is a mediocre actress, at best. Why-oh-why are so many people making such a fuss over this woman's so-called "talents" as an actress? Why?

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