If I Stay
If I Stay If I Stay Series, Book 1 By Forman, Gayle eBook - 2009

The book revolves around Mia Hall, a seventeen-year-old girl who dreams of getting into Juilliard. One day her normal life is turned upside down when she and her family are involved in a car crash, she has an out of body experience, quite literally. She sees the crash site and watches her family fight life and death. Eventually, she is also left to answer the same question, “should I stay or not?” hence the title, If I stay. The story left me questioning the existence of us as humans, it also made me realize that we impact people in more ways than we think, even the smallest interactions leave a big impact. The plot kept me hooked until the very end, some part of me kept hoping for it to be a dream of some sort. Overall the book was a refreshing change, it had elements of sadness, love, the importance of family, and a different perspective on life and death.

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