If I Stay
If I Stay By Forman, Gayle Paperback - 2014 | Movie tie-in ed.

If I Stay describes the challenges that Mia Hall, a seventeen-year-old, must go through after her entire family, including her, gets into a car crash. Some survive and some don’t, but regardless, Mia sees everything outside of her body, where she is trapped and cannot communicate with the world. With some of her family gone, she contemplates whether or not she should stay in the world, hence the title. If Mia stays, it’ll be a world without people that she loves and if she doesn’t, everyone that loves her will have to mourn her loss.
In a book replete with drama, I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book which leads me onto my favorite thing about If I Stay which is how different it is from many books today. Another thing that I enjoyed was how beautifully written the book was because you could see many different people’s perspectives. This was such an amazing book and it is definitely worthy of reading it in one sitting. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone of any edge because it is such a heart-felt story.
- Age Rating: 13+

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