Batgirl Volume 1, The Darkest Reflection By Simone, Gail Paperback - 2012

While I prefer Barbara out of the wheel chair (although Oracle was a great character), this is really the same old same old. The art is nice, but no more than you would expect from professional comics artists, but the stories are riddled with cliches, one after another. Bat hating cop, inner voice over, saving despicable criminals, crying NOOOOoo! when something bad happens, long lost Mom showing up from nowhere, on and on and on. To be fair this is no worse, in fact a little better, than the average fare of the Reboot, which is not saying much. This comic could have been written in the 80s, but under the aegis of the Reboot they are trying to breathe a brief new life in what is looking like a very, very exhausted medium.

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