A narrator asks you consider the meaning of three urban legends and the role of chance as the film opens.
In the first legend, one man jumps from the top of the building to commit suicide.
He would have been saved if a middle-aged couple didn't go crazy over the domestic quarrel.
But the fat wife points the gun toward the window and triggers the shot gun to scare her husband, assuming that it isn't loaded.
Actually, the gun is loaded, and the blast kills the man instantly while he's dropping from the top down to the ground.
His body happenes to be right outside the window when the blast takes place.
The corpse dropps to the safety net, which the window-washers (?) have forgotten to remove.
This insident interests me a great deal.
Then several monotonous episodes follow.
The characters' intentions are thwarted time and again as the story leapfrogs through their tangled lives, and I've lost interest.
So much so that I thought I wasted my time, and didn't want to see any more.
After all, I think this is one of the worst movies I've seen this year.

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